How To Attract & Sell The Millennial Buyer:

Parts 1 & 2

Millennials are different and they are abandoning “the dealership experience” in record numbers. Are your managers tiring of the same old-same old when it comes to service, sales & management training? In these two video webcasts, Steve Stauning teaches your team how to attract and sell more of today’s connected customers (including millennial buyers) by understanding today’s buyer and leveraging realistic marketing, processes and word tracks.

On-Page Trade Lead Generation

Leads still matter and connected customers still complete lead forms – you just have to make it convenient for them. Also, you should ensure you’re “casting a wide net” when it comes to acquiring trade-in leads. In fact, Steve Stauning recommends that you have at least three trade lead generators working for you: At least One “Off-Site” (like 3Birds and KBB’s Instant Cash Offer), One “On-Page” (like TradePending), and One that provides instant retargeting (like Black Book’s Enhance). Click the button below to learn more about TradePending: The Best On-Page Trade Lead Generator available!

Digital Marketing Partners Should Understand Connected Customers

Looking for the best digital marketing partner in automotive? A company that actually understands and can help you truly attract and sell more millennial buyers? 3Birds Marketing is the solution for you. Their offerings cover everything you’ll need to attract today’s connected customers in cost-effective, intelligent ways that won’t blow your budget. Take the next step and click the button below to learn more about this highly recommended partner. 

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We want to help you gain your undeniable advantage not only through the training, but also by researching, vetting and recommending products and services that provide great results at a great value for our clients. To see all of the current recommended offering, click the button below:

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