Does Your Team Bother to Make Even One Call?

Did you know that in a recent pladoogle study, more than a third of all dealerships made ZERO calls to their internet prospects? Is your team making their required calls? It’s time to take the guesswork out of your internet sales efforts! It’s time you had a clear picture of how your team and your competitors’ teams respond to those important online inquiries.

Not Just Cost-Effective, But Positively Sales-Effective Mystery Shops!

Take the wonder out of your Internet Sales follow-up efforts by employing the very best tool for verifying not only what your team is telling your potential customers, but also what you’re competitors are saying!

Let’s be honest, do you know exactly what your internet salespeople or BDC agents are saying to your internet sales prospects? Think about this: Would you like to know that and exactly what your competition is telling them?

With the best automotive mystery shops from Driving Force, you’ll also learn exactly what is being said by everyone in your market and how your pricing strategies position you against your competitors – every single one of them!

Gain your Undeniable Advantage today by knowing exactly what is happening in your market through these effective car dealer mystery shops. With a Driving Force mystery shop, you’ll:

  • Learn your team’s real response time and how this compares to your competition;
  • Be able to listen to every voicemail left by your team and your competitors;
  • See the actual pricing offered across the market for the same model and trim level vehicle; and
  • See how your team stacks up against the competition at using email, voicemail and text messaging!

Get started now – just call Driving Force at 877-407-3751 or complete our quick form to get moving and take another step toward gaining your Undeniable Advantage!

Call Driving Force at (877) 407-3751 or complete this quick form now to learn more about the Best Online Car Dealer Mystery Shopping available!

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Why Mystery Shopping through Driving Force?

“Although we offer our own in-house automotive mystery shopping product at pladoogle, I can tell you that the Driving Force Mystery Shopping offering is superior in many ways! So superior, in fact, that I chose to recommend their service over our own. If you’re truly interested in learning what your team AND your competition is doing in response to an e-lead, then there is only one car dealer mystery shop offering to consider, and that’s Mystery Shopping from Driving Force!” – Steve Stauning

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