Great Chatbots are a Must with Facebook Messenger!

All dealers looking to sell to today’s consumers are on Facebook. Oh, and if your dealership is on Facebook, then you’re already set up with Facebook Messenger – the messaging service used by more than a billion people a month. It’s how many of today’s connected customers want to communicate with you and your team. But, without the right Car Dealer Chatbots partner, you’re wasting time and money all while you’re losing sales & service business!

Car Dealer Chatbots – FAQS

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Chatbots?

Chatbots are like an answering service that work with virtually any major provider of chat-like applications and/or products (Facebook Messenger is the most famous of these). Chatbots are most often driven by rules and scripts, though sometimes can be powered by artificial intelligence.

I already have online chat, so I don’t need a chatbot, right?

Wrong! Unlike traditional online chats, Facebook Messenger conversations allow you to immediately capture the prospect’s public information! This means no more anonymous chats! Plus, when you employ a great car dealer chatbot, you’re capturing these leads 24/7/365!

How do Car Dealer Chatbots work?

Just like an answering service, the best car dealer chatbots act like an extension of your team. The only difference is that the chatbots do all of the work that a human would normally do when communicating with a prospect or customer.

Great chatbots are basically decision trees that can answer customer questions faster and with more accuracy than an expensive salesperson or live BDC agent. When necessary, based on the rules created, chatbots can even “warm transfer” a customer to a live agent who can assist with anything requiring human intervention.

Can you give me an example of how a Car Dealer Chatbot might work?

Basically, chatbots work just like an old-school phone tree – but without the frustration. That is, great chatbots automatically guide a customer through the process of learning about a vehicle and even setting a test drive appointment.

Car dealer chatbots provide instant two-way communications between your dealership and your customers. They help you build trust while maintaining a single communication thread that includes the lifetime history of messages. Facebook messenger chats are converted to leads that your team can follow up with, because you’ll immediately have access to your customer’s Facebook public profile information.

Can’t my team just do this for free?

No. Not even close. First, your team is not “free.” Second, they’re not as accurate, quick or efficient as a well-built chatbot.

Today’s connected customer wants instant answers to their questions, and most dealerships and car dealer groups are simply not equipped to properly and efficiently answer customer queries 24/7/365.

Plus, since the best chatbots for car dealers often cost less than what you would pay for one day of a BDC Agent (for round-the-clock coverage), you simply could not afford to staff this function yourself.

How much does a car dealer chatbot service really cost?

We’ve seen prices all over the board, but because this is a technologically-driven product with little long-term labor required from the chatbot provider, you should expect to pay around $500 per month for these services from a great provider.

Should I expect to pay a setup fee?

The best car dealer chatbots do not require high setup fees, so expect to pay less than $300 to get started.

Can I cancel at any time?

The best car dealer chat bots allow you to cancel at any time.

Can a Salesperson purchase their own chatbot?

Absolutely! In fact, aggressive salespeople who are engaged in referral business or social selling often purchase their own car dealer chatbot where they can maintain and update their own inventory.

Can I add Facebook Messenger directly to my own website?

Facebook created Messenger in a way that makes it simple to add a Messenger link to any website, image, etc. This means you can easily add a link that when clicked will open Facebook Messenger for your prospect; and when they communicate with you, you’ll capture all of their public Facebook information!

Can I see a demo of how a car dealer chatbot works?

Yes, follow this link, then click on CAR DEALER CHATBOTS in the main menu. Just scroll down until you see the MESSENGER DEMO button and then click. The car dealer chatbot will guide you through any questions you might have.

What if I have more questions about car dealer chatbots?

Follow this link to learn more about the Best Car Dealer Chatbots Available and to get answers to any further questions you might have.