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The team at CarNow has taken online chat way beyond customer conversations and created what we like to think of as “transactional-focused communication” for every department in your dealership! CarNow calls it their Visual Sales Messenger – we just call it awesome!

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Gain your Undeniable Advantage today by engaging with your website visitors like never before. With CarNow’s Visual Sales Messenger (VSM), you’re truly in the driver’s seat when it comes to delivering more transactions from your existing traffic!

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CarNow brings unparalleled content integration into the most-thoughtful customer experience available today. Through VSM, agents engage, interact with, and convert in the most customer-centric and dealer-friendly way.

While most dealers allow the CarNow team to manage 100% of these online customer interactions, dealers who choose to manager this for themselves can count on unmatched hands-on training by CarNow to ensure they enjoy all the usability and responsiveness this tool has to offer.

Sell more parts (yes, online!), schedule more service appointments that show, and sell more cars all with CarNow!

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Why CarNow?

“I’ve worked with plenty of chat companies since the product was first introduced in automotive – and I’ve seen the good ones evolve over time – but I’ve not seen a more intuitive, more flexible or better performing tool than CarNow. Whether you handle your own chats, or (if you’re like most dealers) you allow the CarNow team to manage everything, you will stop just answering questions and start selling more parts, more service and more vehicles immediately.” – Steve Stauning


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CarNow: Taking the Customer Conversation Way Beyond Chat! Transactional-focused communication for every department!