UndeniableAdvantage.com FTC Disclosure Statement

Although UndeniableAdvantage.com and the associated live video webcasts and respective recordings created for this website are not considered blogs, per se; all writers, talent, producers, owners, editors, hosts and administrators of UndeniableAdvantage.com content (“UDAdvantage Team” or “we”) intend to be fully compliant with the Federal Trade Commission (hereafter “FTC”) rules covering sponsored/affiliate endorsements in blogs and online articles. Therefore, it is important the UDAdvantage Team detail all instances where we have or have not, or will or will not, receive compensation. First, let’s disclose where the UDAdvantage Team has not and will not receive compensation:

UDAdvantage Team might be asked to produce favorable content or provide recommendations for companies, products, services or websites that we know nothing about and have no affiliation. We will reject these requests.

UDAdvantage Team might be asked to display the works of others recommending a particular company, product, service or website in exchange for compensation. We will reject these requests.

The UDAdvantage Team has received (through this website or other related works), and will continue to receive, compensation under the following circumstances:

Referral Fees – The UDAdvantage Team fully vets all products and services recommended in our live webcasts, available recordings, articles we publish (here and elsewhere), and via our various social media accounts. The UDAdvantage Team earns a Referral Fee when a visitor completes an associated web form on this website and eventually purchases the recommended product or service as a result. WE HAVE NOT AND WILL NOT RECOMMEND PRODUCTS OR SERVICES SOLELY ON THE BASIS OF RECEIVING REFERRAL FEES, NOR WILL WE EVER RECOMMEND A PRODUCT OR SERVICE WE HAVE NOT TESTED AND VETTED.

Amazon Affiliate Program – If this program is utilized, the UDAdvantage Team would receive a commission when you follow an Amazon.com link from this website (including any pop-ups or pop-unders generated from actions taken on this website) to a product or other page on Amazon.com and make a purchase. This may include hyperlinks in articles or any Amazon ads located in the margins of the website or included in the articles themselves. The commissions paid generally run between 4% and 15%, and as far as the UDAdvantage Team knows, this commission does not change the price Amazon.com charges for these products.

Google Adsense Program – If this program is utilized, the UDAdvantage Team would receive a generally tiny commission when site visitors click-through any of the advertising elements marked “Ads by Google” (or other similar markings) on this website as part of the Google Adsense Program. The UDAdvantage Team does not control which ads show to users and does not endorse any of the advertisers unless stated otherwise.

Other Affiliate Programs – As of this writing, the UDAdvantage Team does not receive compensation from sources other than those described above; though the visitor should assume (unless otherwise stated) that any recommendation and/or hyperlink placed on this website creates an affiliate or other compensated relationship between the UDAdvantage Team and the recommended party or target website.

Future Endorsements – In the event the UDAdvantage Team is compensated for works other than by the means disclosed above, we will include a clear, specific disclosure in the post, article or video (such as “Sponsored By …”).

If you have any questions about whether the UDAdvantage Team has or will receive compensation for any specific endorsement or recommendation, please contact us for clarification.


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