Attract & Sell More Trade-In Leads

If you’re a typical car, motorcycle or powersports dealer, there are two primary reasons you don’t sell nearly as many trade customers as you could: 1) You’re doing a lousy job of attracting the trade-in prospect; and 2) Those prospects you do attract aren’t coming into your dealership for an appointment. In this video webcast, Steve Stauning teaches your team how to more than triple your sales from trade-in leads by employing the right strategies, talk-tracks and processes.

On-Page Trade Lead Generation

Dealers take note: Trade Lead Generators are not like your DMS. That is, you can and should have employ more than one tool. In fact, Steve Stauning recommends that you have at least three trade lead generators working for you: At least One “Off-Site” (like 3Birds and KBB’s Instant Cash Offer), One “On-Page” (like TradePending), and One that provides instant retargeting (like Black Book’s Enhance). Click the button below to learn more about TradePending: The Best On-Page Trade Lead Generator available!

Database-Generated Trade Leads

Looking for the best way to entice your database to let you value their current vehicle? 3Birds Marketing has got the solution for you. Their trade-focused email marketing enjoys a 23% conversion rate (to open emails) by generating both a trade value for your customer and a trade-in lead for your team with just one click! Take the next step and click the button below to learn more about this highly recommended offering. 

Sell More Cars with Widgets!

Looking for one of the most cost-effective ways to generate trust on your website while also generating sales leads (including trade-in leads)? The website widgets from MotorWidgets help dealers build trust with the online shopper by engaging with them on every page on your website. Incredibly easy to get started – MotorWidgets will work with your existing website company and will even give you the first 60 days at no charge. Click below to learn more!

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We want to help you gain your undeniable advantage not only through the training, but also by researching, vetting and recommending products and services that provide great results at a great value for our clients. To see all of the current recommended offering, click the button below:

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