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It’s not money (NADA tells us that new car dealers pay about 24% more on average than the rest of the private sector) and it’s not training (think about how much you’ve wasted over the last decade on training and retraining your team). Despite that millions wasted every year on staffing firms, training companies and consultants, dealership turnover is worse today than it was ten years ago. Why is that? In this Undeniable Advantage webcast, Steve teaches you everything you need to know to build the proper FOUNDATION in your dealership so that turnover and staffing issues basically evaporate – leaving your managers time to help you profitably grow your business.

Mystery Shops Equal Accountability! 

Take the wonder out of your Internet Sales follow-up efforts by employing the very best tool for verifying not only what your team is telling your potential customers, but also what you’re competitors are saying! Let’s be honest, do you know exactly what your internet salespeople or BDC agents are saying to your internet sales prospects? Think about this: Would you like to know that and exactly what your competition is telling them?

Never Miss A Live Webcast!

Every Undeniable Advantage Live Video Webcast is delivered full of information and advice that you and your team can implement immediately! Not a bunch of “thought starters” or “what if” scenarios; the live webcasts are presented in a way that truly gives you an Undeniable Advantage over your competition! Be sure to register for the next Undeniable Advantage Live Video Webcast right now!

100% Free Online Video Training

Why are you still wasting thousands of dollars each month buying online video phone and other sales training when your managers don’t bother to reinforce any of it? Moreover, don’t you think it’s strange that you’re spending all this money and no one is getting better at answering your phones or setting more real appointments that show or simply selling more cars? Stop wasting money and get all of the online video training your dealership needs for free! is already the secret sauce for many dealers and groups who are growing share – shouldn’t it be your secret too? 

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