The Great SEO/SEM Robbery: How to Stop the Thievery in Automotive Search

It’s Time to Stop SEO & SEM Theft! If you’re an average car dealer – and I do mean just average – you’re likely wasting over $50,000 every year on basically worthless Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). For some of you, you’re actually the victims of outright fraud; though for most of you, you are likely experiencing some form of theft (intentional or otherwise). This Undeniable Advantage Live Video Webcast teaches you and your team everything you need to know to easily spot and stop the most prevalent forms of SEO and SEM waste and fraud!  

Honest PPC & Much More!

Founded by a true “car guy,” Venture Automotive has built a better marketing engine for dealers anchored around what Steve Stauning calls “Honest PPC.” Couple this with their custom website graphics, landing pages and real SEO solutions, and you have a true partner for your dealership’s most important digital marketing. Click on the button below to learn more.

Real SEO Accountability!

There’s a dirty little secret in automotive SEO that most vendors don’t want you to know about: There is nearly zero accountability to providing you with real search engine optimization; the kind of SEO that actually increases traffic of in-market shoppers looking to buy today. It’s time to remove the mystery from your SEO. You’re paying thousands of dollars each month for SEO, don’t you think it’s worth it to find out what you’re getting for your money? Don’t you think it’s worth it to ensure your SEO vendor is 100% focused on your interests and not their own? Click on the button below to learn about SearchStation!


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