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MotorWidgets™ Drives Leads & Store Visits!

Unlike website add-ons that are solely focused on driving leads, the team at MotorWidgets™ understands that most consumers will never complete a lead form – they just want enough information to be able to do business with you. That’s where MotorWidgets™ shines!

60-Day Free Trial

Gain your Undeniable Advantage today by capturing more leads and driving more store visits from your existing website traffic with MotorWidgets™.

Through this exclusive offer, you’ll receive up to two months of MotorWidgets™ lead, marketing and consumer information widgets for your website at no cost or obligation. 

This FREE TRIAL includes all of the MotorWidgets™ trust-building and lead-driving widgets you’ll need to separate your dealership from the competition. As you know, consumers buy from people they trust. In today’s transparency-driven market, the dealer who freely provides useful information most often wins the sale. 

MotorWidgets™ builds trust by giving your web visitors valuable information that will assist them in buying a car from you instead of the guy up the street. 

Start your  60-Day, No Obligation, Free Trial of MotorWidgets™ today!

Call MotorWidgets directly at 888-308-5101 or complete our quick form to get started and take another step toward gaining your Undeniable Advantage!

If you choose to keep the lead-driving and trust-building MotorWidgets™ on your website after your 60-day free trial, the cost is just $199 per month – plus, you can cancel at any time!

Call MotorWidgets at 888-308-5101 or complete this quick form now to get started on your No Obligation, 60-Day Free Trial!

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MotorWidgets™ Lead (and Traffic and Trust) Driving Widgets

Why MotorWidgets™?

“I’ve worked with the team that started MotorWidgets™ since 2003, and will personally vouch for their dedication to helping dealers drive sales at the lowest possible cost by building efficiency and common sense into everything they do. There is a glaring ‘trust gap’ in automotive that MotorWidgets™ is helping to bridge. That’s why I negotiated this free, 60-day trial for you.” – Steve Stauning


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MotorWidgets™ – FAQS

Frequently Asked Questions

What is MotorWidgets™?

MotorWidgets™ looks and works like a news headline ticker. It’s an easily-installed toolbar that instantly transforms your dealership’s website into a valuable knowledge resource for customers.

How does it work?

More than 95% of car shoppers landing on your website leave without a trace and head over to third-party website where they can find unbiased research information and advice. MotorWidgets™ act like a honeypot on your website, engaging and building trust with your future customers.

What does it cost?

MotorWidgets™ monthly license fee is just $199. An annual license fee is just $1,990 – a savings of 17%.

Is there a setup fee?

There is no setup fee.

Can I cancel at any time?

The license may be canceled at any time.

How do I receive the contact information of visitors? (Will MotorWidgets™ easily integrate with my CRM?)

MotorWidgets™ sends your leads to any number of personal email addresses, and/or your sales CRM in ADF/XML. They will gather this information during setup.

Are my leads sent to anyone else?

Absolutely not! All customer contacts made on your website are sent only to your dealership. Your data is strictly confidential.

Do I have to install files on my web server?

Absolutely not. Our product has been painstakingly built to be easy to install with no impact on your website.

How much development time will it take to implement the widgets toolbar into our website?

Copy and paste one simple line of html and you are up and running in minutes.

Can I tweak the look and feel of the widgets toolbar?

Yes. Please contact MotorWidgets™ to discuss a wide variety of tweaks.

Can I pick and choose the widgets I use or do I need to use all of them?

MotorWidgets™ is proud of all of their widgets, but they were designed to work independently and allow you to choose only the ones you want.

Can I use the trade-in estimator widget in other places on my website?

Yes, and there is no extra charge for this. MotorWidgets™ encourages you to use their widgets wherever possible.

How does MotorWidgets™ save me money?

Most salespeople want you to spend more money to get more visitors to your website, but more than 95% of the visitors that you pay a lot of money to get to your website leave without a trace. That’s a huge waste. While our widgets do generate leads, building trust with your website visitors keeps them coming back and has a positive impact on all lead-generating aspects of your website as well as on your walk-in traffic.

How does MotorWidgets™ increase my sales?

More genuine customers to contact = more sales.

How do I subscribe?

Use the form on this page and someone on the MotorWidgets™ team will schedule a call to answer any questions you may have and get things set up.

Is there a cost per referral?

No. Customers on your website are yours! We just help identify them for you.

How will I be billed once I sign up?

After your Undeniable Advantage FREE TRIAL, you can be billed either monthly for $199, or annually for $1,990. MotorWidgets™ offers the annual discount because, like you and me, they don’t like paperwork. During the setup process they will request your billing contact’s details.


Please use the form on this page and the MotorWidgets™ team will be happy to answer all of your questions.