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“I’ve personally vetted every company listed on this page, and I give them my highest recommendations for delivering everything they promise. Moreover, I’ve witnessed the success these companies drive for our mutual clients; and I’ve tested the offerings and negotiated some exclusive deals for those seeking an Undeniable Advantage.” – Steve Stauning

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Recommended Products & Services:

Real SEO Accountability

One of the dirty little secrets your SEO vendor doesn’t want you to know is that the reports they’re showing you are basically worthless when it comes to holding them accountable to actually driving local buyers to your website – which, by the way, is their only job! Stop wasting thousands & start holding them accountable today!

Instant Retargeting

Stop wasting thousands retargeting your website visitors while ignoring the most effective retargeting available: Instant Retargeting! With Instant Retargeting, you’ll not only capture more leads from those who’ve already abandoned your website, but you’ll also drive more traditional & mobile leads using all of these patented solutions!

Automated Specials

Get a 30-day no-cost trial of RnD Interactive’s automated specials & gain your Undeniable Advantage by presenting the online prospect with exactly what they’re looking for (online deals), while giving your team exactly what they need to sell a car (a specials page that actually converts). Stop losing sales & start driving buyers through your door.

Chat & Text

The team at CarNow has taken online chat and text way beyond customer conversations and created what we like to think of as “transactional-focused communication” for every department in your dealership! CarNow calls it their Visual Sales Messenger – we just call it awesome! Click the logo above to get started on your free trial!

Trade-In Leads

You might say, “But, we already have a trade form on our site!” Unless you’re using TradePending, you’re probably missing leads & sales every month. From forms that are too long for consumers to complete to apps that just don’t translate for the mobile customer, most dealers have no idea what they’re missing until they give TradePending a try!

Honest PPC & SEO

If you don’t know what exactly your PPC vendor charges you or even if the traffic they’re driving is incremental, real or effective, then it’s time to find an honest provider. Find out why Venture Automotive is the only PPC provider Steve Stauning recommends today.

Automotive Digital Marketing

There is simply no other company serving dealers and OEMs that truly understands digital marketing the way 3 Birds Marketing does. They are the only group in automotive that combines all of the necessary digital elements together in a way that delivers real ROI and the tracking and measurement to prove it. Moreover, their service solutions not only drive fixed operations efficiency and revenue, but also real Service CSI improvement.

Best Car Dealer Training

Quit paying for training you’ll never enforce! Instead, use the free resources available to every dealer on sites like and Click the image above to discover a current “cheat sheet” of free online training resources you and your team can start using today! No more excuses!

CRM & Lead Management

The very best CRM is the one your team will use. It simply doesn’t matter how many bells and whistles the CRM vendor promises if your team won’t use any of them. When you’re tired of the inaccurate reporting or impossible to create workflows in your high priced CRM, we recommend you consider Dominion’s Web Control. Click the image above and learn how Web Control helps you gain that Undeniable Advantage!

Free Video Training

Did you know the Host of Undeniable Advantage has a website that provides quick, free video training focused on sales, leadership and improving the customer experience? was created to help you and your teams succeed in today’s ever-changing marketplace. Be sure to bookmark and share his valuable Short & Sweet lessons.

Reputation & Social

Like it or not, how you are portrayed online is how your potential prospects perceive you; and, as the old saying goes, Perception is Reality. The fact is your Online Reputation is your reputation, and Online Reputation Management (ORM) is no longer something you can take lightly or even try to game; there are just too many people out there with too many avenues to vent about you.

Online Car Buying

Real franchised and independent dealers just like you are transacting the entire car deal online today! They’re doing this without risk and with no long-term commitments with great partners like AutoFi. Steve Stauning highly recommends AutoFi because he’s seen it really move metal & even improve grosses! Click the logo above to visit the AutoFi website to learn more!

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