Close Your Shown Appointments at 80%!

Yes, top dealers really do enjoy 80%+ show rates and 80%+ close rates of their appointments by following The Perfect Appointment! In this updated version, Steve and the Undeniable Advantage Team show you what works for dealers and what doesn’t work when enacting The Perfect Appointment in your dealership. Of course, as Steve tells you more than a few times in this video training: “It’s called The Perfect Appointment for a reason!” Stop trying to change any part of it until you can do it right and you’re enjoying legitimate 80% show and close rates. 

Shorten The Road-to-the-Sale

Want to create a true “Wow” experience in your dealership? Then start by shortening your unrealistic, 3+ hour Road-to-the-Sale. It’s outdated and it’s losing you business every single day! You can easily reduce the amount of time it takes to buy a car from you (and keep your team following the processes you want) simply by adding iPads and tools like AutoFi. Click on the AutoFi logo on the right or the button below to learn more.


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