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Trade Leads Like You’ve Never Seen!

There are two primary problems we find with the bulk of the trade offerings out there today: 1) Unfriendly Forms that don’t get completed; and 2) Trade-In Pages that don’t get found. TradePending solves both of these issues and so much more!

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Why will you close the TradePending leads at a better rate than leads from other trade-in providers? Because, TradePending doesn’t just give your prospect a Book Value – instead, the TradePending prospect is presented with real-time market information that provides not only a value range, but a clear justification for that range. This means less defending of your trade offer and more closing deals!

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TradePending – Trade Leads in a SNAP

Why TradePending?

“There are a lot of great trade-in form suppliers out there; though TradePending’s consumer interface is simply superior to the old-fashioned drop-down form, and they are the only provider that has proven they can solve the issue dealers face when trying to generate sales leads from their mobile visitors. TradePending’s unique ‘Type-Ahead Functionality’ makes completing a mobile trade form a relative breeze for today’s consumer.” – Steve Stauning


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