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Founded by a true “car guy,” Venture Automotive has built a better marketing engine for dealers anchored around what Steve Stauning calls “Honest PPC.” Couple this with their custom website graphics, landing pages and real SEO solutions, and you have a true partner for your dealership’s most important digital marketing.

Transparent and Honest Pay-Per-Click

For nearly a decade, Steve Stauning has tried to find an honest pay-per-click company to recommend to his clients. Just when it seemed he’d found a fully transparent provider he could genuinely support, they’d change their approach and begin hiding nearly everything important from the dealer.

Why? You’ll have to ask the PPC vendors out there why they do any of the following (all of which Steve has seen multiple times in the industry):

  • Hijacking or replacing the dealer’s Google Analytics account
  • Failing to set up proper AdWords tracking in Google Analytics
  • Comingling the few PPC-generated leads with those derived through organic traffic
  • Spending most of the budget buying dealer names (especially without disclosing that this is where all of the sales leads are coming from)
  • Competing with the dealer’s own OEM on OEM keywords
  • Buying research keywords (high funnel) when the dealer is looking for ready buyers
  • Buying local keywords nationally
  • Hiding their actual admin fees
  • Setting up and reporting dubious “conversion” metrics

Say ‘NO’ to the smoke and mirrors – it’s time to spend your digital dollars with someone you can trust.

Let the team at Venture Automotive show you why they’re different and why Steve Stauning personally recommends their innovative and effective solutions. From honest PPC to real SEO, the team at Venture will provide the kind of marketing that actually moves metal – without any of the smoke or mirrors the others specialize in.

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Why Venture?

“For nearly a decade, I’ve discovered dozens of instances where unscrupulous and/or clueless Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization vendors are basically stealing from their dealer-clients. In many cases, these efforts are supported by the OEM through misguided co-op programs. All I wanted was to find an honest PPC company to recommend to my clients. It took years; and just when I thought I’d found one, they’d change their ways and begin hiding everything from their dealers. Well, I’m now proud to say that Jerry and his team at Venture have built a truly honest and transparent PPC platform that’s delivering real, measurable results for clients. They are the only PPC company I recommend today, and one of only two SEO companies I recommend.” – Steve Stauning


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